Litigation Support

W1 Global provides exceptional investigative support to Law Firms and Litigation Efforts

Asset Recovery

W1 Global has extensive experience in efforts to recover assets in support of civil litigation. W1 Global’s international footprint and network allows us to develop evidence to support asset tracing and recovery efforts throughout the world. Members of our team have conducted investigations in support of some of the largest civil forfeiture actions in history. W1 Global can partner with law firms who are hired by the Client, or we can assist the Client by recommending a number of top-rated law firms, to provide legal services concerning these specialized civil matters. Our expertise in multi-jurisdictional financial investigations makes W1 Global the obvious choice when there is a need to locate and recover illicit money and assets no matter where they may be located.

Internal Investigations

W1 Global has the highest competencies regarding corporate and financial sector investigations. We possess the investigative skill sets that are vital to any internal investigation. Our ability to process large data sets and produce well organized and professional reports adds tremendous value to any internal investigation. Our employees have conducted thousands of interviews throughout their careers. One of our strongest skill sets is our ability to illicit information from witnesses. Our investigators are adept at putting witnesses at ease and building a level of rapport which allows for the most productive interview possible. Our written reports are of the highest quality ensuring the greatest possible efficiencies for the Client and the attorneys overseeing the internal investigation. Our employees have represented governments during hundreds of presentations and reviewed reports prepared by attorneys and investigators in order to evaluate and understand their internal corporate investigations. We know what law enforcement agencies and regulators expect from an internal investigation and what it takes to provide the highest quality product.

Support to Law Enforcement Cooperation efforts

Whether the Client is an individual or a corporate entity, if cooperation with government authorities is being considered as a legal strategy, W1 Global is the ideal firm to support those efforts. We have a long-proven track record of resolving complex issues for our Clients through cooperation with government entities. W1 Global has extensive experience with various government agencies charged with investigative, prosecutorial and regulatory authorities. We have a deep understanding of what the government expectations are from a potential cooperator as well as the likely benefits to the Client if they choose cooperation as the way to resolve their issues with government institutions. Whether the issues faced by the Client stem from criminal, civil, sanctions or immigration issues, W1 Global is positioned to support those efforts in the US and around the world.