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There are numerous benefits to working with W1 Global and our attorney partners when considering submitting a whistleblower application.


W1 Global is equipped to provide the complete investigative and risk management package to our corporate Clients.


W1 Global has the ability to provide unique investigative services concerning matters involving potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as well as complex money laundering and asset recovery.


W1 Global can provide a full spectrum of investigative and risk management services to Financial Service providers around the Globe.


Whether the need is for sanctions related investigations, program development/analysis, licensing or training, W1 Global can provide top quality services to our Clients.


W1 Global can leverage our experience, networks and resources to meet all the investigative and analytical needs of a law firm.


“Transformational Solutions based in Trust and Truth in the pursuit of justice.”

Trust in W1 Global’s decades of investigative and compliance experience combined with a passion for illuminating the Truth through tireless effort and commitment to fact-based investigations, risk management and compliance.

What we are About

We are a professional investigative and consulting firm comprised of individuals with deep competencies concerning complex, international criminal, regulatory and compliance issues. Our people have leveraged their vast experience investigating complex international matters for the US and UK Governments, international compliance bodies, financial institutions, and individuals and corporate entities in order to provide our Clients with exceptional guidance and services. W1 Global provides personal and discreet services to Clients in order to collect, organize and analyze information to help them decide on a course of action when confronted with: 1. criminal, civil and/or regulatory issues: 2. providing information to a government body as a whistleblower; or 3. initiatives to mitigate personal or corporate risk, including reputational risk.

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Doug is the best AML and Sanctions Officer Deutsche Bank has ever had. He is an excellent investigator; identifying risks otherwise unknown. In making business decisions, we could rely on Doug to take tough, risk-based decisions. He set limits to promote good business and wasn’t afraid to decline high-risk opportunities. We didn’t always like his decisions, but he gave justifiable reasons when many others would not.

Deutsche Bank Senior Business Officer

I have met Douglas Sloan in 2014 when I was firstly appointed as Compliance Director of Bank of Cyprus and was assigned the huge task of remediating the compliance and anti-financial crime sector of the Bank further to the collapse of the Cyprus’ banking sector.
Douglas, representing the AML and Investigations sector of Deutsche Bank then, has been a key advisor to me and my colleagues by providing structured guidance which has been catalytic in not only remediating Bank of Cyprus, but actually transforming its culture setting it today as a benchmark of compliance excellence.”

Marios Skandalis, Director, Global Head of Compliance, Bank of Cyprus.