Executive Leadership

W1 Global

Our Leadership Team is comprised of some of the most respected former members of the US and European law enforcement and financial institution compliance communities. Our senior leaders will leverage their vast experience in and understanding of these communities to relentlessly advocate for our Clients.

William “Bill” McMurry


Mr. William “Bill” McMurry is a career law enforcement and intelligence professional who serves as the CEO of W1 Global.

Mr. McMurry is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent who served in the FBI’s New York Office for twenty-four years. In 2015, Mr. McMurry was selected as the FBI’s first Supervisory Special Agent for the newly created International Corruption Squad in the FBI’s New York Division.  The squad was created to investigate violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), matters involving complex money laundering in connection to corrupt foreign officials and Anti-Trust matters.  As a result of Mr. McMurry’s leadership, his team evolved into a global leader concerning foreign corruption, complex money laundering and corporate malfeasance investigations.

In 2019, Mr. McMurry served as the FBI Headquarters Unit Chief for the International Corruption Unit (ICU). In that capacity Mr. McMurry oversaw the Foreign Corruption and Anti-Trust programs for the entire FBI. As the ICU Unit Chief, Mr. McMurry supervised hundreds of investigations, approximately sixty Special Agents, Analysts and Forensic Accountants.

Among the several high-profile cases led by Mr. McMurry were two of the largest foreign corruption cases in history.

The first investigation involved a $4.7 Billion-dollar scheme to embezzle funds from a Malaysian government fund known as 1MDB.  The investigation is ongoing but to date, has resulted in the seizure of approximately $1.8 Billion dollars in money and assets by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) which represents the largest civil forfeiture actions to date by DOJ’s Kleptocracy Initiative. The investigation has also resulted in US indictments of several co-conspirators to include, high level bankers from Goldman Sachs, a corrupt DOJ official and lobbyists for senior US Government officials.  Mr. McMurry was instrumental in fostering cooperation with multiple jurisdictions effected by the 1MDB criminal scheme. Mr. McMurry’s team has provided significant support to Malaysian investigative efforts which has led to the conviction of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia for his role in the scheme.  The cooperation fostered with Swiss authorities on the 1MDB matter has been described as historic.

Mr. McMurry led and coordinated the US investigative efforts regarding the Brazilian Engineering/Construction firm, Odebrecht.  This investigation emerged from a close working relationship fostered by Mr. McMurry’s team and the DOJ with Brazilian authorities overseeing the Brazilian corruption investigation known as “Lavo Jato.”  Mr. McMurry led the investigative efforts concerning this extremely complex corruption scheme which exposed over $700 million dollars in bribes paid to hundreds of high-level government officials and heads of state in thirteen different countries.  In 2016, Odebrecht plead guilty to violations of the FCPA and money laundering violations in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).  The firm was ordered to pay a landmark global settlement which involved the US, Swiss and Brazilian authorities of $3.5 Billion dollars. The case also resulted in dozens of indictments in the US and Brazil, while uncovering an extremely complex global money laundering scheme. Numerous additional corruption investigations were opened as a result in the US and abroad involving allegations of corruption at the highest levels of multiple governments.

Prior to Mr. McMurry’s promotion to supervisor, he spent the majority of his FBI career investigating Transnational Organized Crime (TOC). Mr. McMurry was the lead investigator for several high-profile TOC cases which led to the complete dismantlement of some of the most dangerous TOCs ever investigated by US law enforcement.  Mr. McMurry is a Court Certified Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding Transnational Organized Crime Networks and the use of the RICO statute to dismantle them.

Mr. McMurry worked closely with the US DOJ, DEA, ATF, HSI, OFAC, DOD and the USIC to develop a national strategy to implement a whole of government response to combat the threat posed by Transnational Organized Crime (TOC).  Mr. McMurry provided lead input for the US DOJ national guidance for TOC matters, which was implemented in 2009.

Mr. McMurry was tasked with the implementation of the FBI’s investigative methodology in response to complex Transnational Organized Crime Networks based in Asia and the greater Middle East.  Mr. McMurry led a five-year multi organizational investigation which led to the indictment of several key leaders of the target organization, exposure of their global money laundering apparatus and a seismic shift in the global intelligence collection capabilities concerning the target organization and the threat it poses to the United States and its allies.

During 2014, Mr. McMurry briefed the United States National Security Council, the Attorney General and the heads of every US organization charged with combating Transnational Organized Crime regarding the threat posed to the national security of the United States by the target organization.

Mr. McMurry is known as a world leader concerning complex international investigations and has developed a significant network of contacts throughout the globe.  Mr. McMurry has supervised, planned and executed international undercover operations, extraditions and renditions to include, the only US extradition in history from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).  He has worked closely with foreign law enforcement on some of the most complex and politically sensitive cases in the history of the FBI.

Mr. McMurry has represented the US at international conferences concerning international corruption and organized crime such as, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  He has lectured at numerous conferences and law enforcement training events both in the US and abroad.  Mr. McMurry has spoken at universities to include, Columbia, Fordham and NYU.  Mr. McMurry has also provided Anti Money Laundering (AML) training to financial institutions to include, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

Prior to entering the FBI, Mr. McMurry was a commissioned officer and Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).  As an AFOSI Special Agent, Mr. McMurry investigated a wide range of matters concerning both criminal offenses and threats to national security.  Mr. McMurry was deployed to Cairo, Egypt in support of Operation Desert Shield and Mogadishu, Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope.  Mr. McMurry was the senior AFOSI Special Agent during both deployments.  He was charged with responsibilities concerning force protection and HUMINT collection.  Mr. McMurry worked closely with other elements of DOD, the USIC and members of the UN coalition forces to collect and disseminate intelligence concerning the threat posed to US forces in the region.

Mr. McMurry has a BA in Psychology from West Virginia University and is CAMS certified. Mr. McMurry has attended numerous US Government training programs and briefings regarding financial investigations and intelligence collection.

Brian M. McKnight

Brian M. McKnight


Mr. McKnight is a retired U.S. Justice Department, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Senior Executive who served with DEA for over 25 years.  Mr. McKnight had a distinguished DEA career and served in several high-ranking leadership positions within the DEA.  More recently, he was a member of the Senior Executive Staff as DEAs Chief Inspector, and provided counsel, guidance and recommendations to the DEA Administrator. Over his career, he developed and led numerous programs, initiatives, and high-level investigations focused on disrupting and dismantling transnational criminal organizations.

Mr. McKnight previously served as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) in Chicago Field Division.  In this capacity, he successfully worked in concert with Agency Heads, Government Leaders and the Chicago Crime Commission on violent crime, and public safety issues.

Mr. McKnight served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge and Supervisory Special Agent in the DEA Miami Division, where he spearheaded Attorney General Exempt Operations (AGEO) investigating money laundering components and transnational criminal organizations operating in Central and South America as well as the Middle East and Europe. As a result, criminal networks operating globally were dismantled and hundreds of millions of assets were seized.

Mr. McKnight was the Chief of Global Financial Operations at DEA Headquarters where he led Undercover Money Laundering Operations, Strategies, and Financial Programs for DEA.  He coordinated US Treasury, OFAC designations against criminal networks responsible for laundering hundreds of millions of illicit monies world-wide.   Mr. McKnight successfully collaborated with the private sector, and international partners throughout the world to augment financial operations.  Mr. McKnight has significant experience of compliance-related programs, anti-money laundering, know your customer, and policy formation.

Mr. McKnight had most recently served as DEAs Chief Inspector and was also responsible for overseeing Three (3) offices at DEA Headquarters including the Office of Inspections, Office of Professional Responsibility and the Office of Security Programs. In this capacity, he developed and was responsible for leading audits and inspection processes, building security systems, the DEA “Insider Threat Program”, and security matters for over 220 DEA Domestic Offices and 93 Foreign Offices.

Mr. McKnight is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Executive Institute (NEI).  Mr. McKnight attended Executive Leadership Training courses at Harvard University, Boston, MA.

He also received a certificate in leadership training from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business.  Mr. McKnight attended Specialized Training Schools in Financial Investigations, Special Weapons and Tactics Training and Special Training Sessions in Communication Exploitation.  Mr. McKnight holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice and has completed post-Graduate studies in criminal justice.

Over his career, Mr. McKnight was recognized for outstanding investigative work on high-level covert operations and investigations. Amongst others, he was awarded the United States Attorney General Excellence Award, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Award.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. McKnight is responsible for operational management, business development and cascading strategies for the benefit of W1 Global Clients. Mr. McKnight possesses the qualities of leadership, innovation, drive and relentless work ethic for which DEA Special Agents have achieved international renown.  Mr. McKnight is committed to leveraging those capabilities and his vast experience on behalf of W1 Global Clients. Mr. McKnight is committed to providing exceptional and tireless services to W1 Global Clients.

Douglas “Doug” Sloan

Director of Commercial Financial Crime & Sanctions Risk Management

Douglas (“Doug”) Sloan is the Director of Commercial Financial Crime & Sanctions Risk Management at W1 Global.  He is a leading expert with 30 years in global banking.  On behalf of commercial Clients, he leads numerous engagements strengthening AFC and sanctions (e.g. OFAC) programs as well as conducts a variety of forensic financial investigations.  On behalf of foreign and domestic government agencies, he leads complex financial investigations and asset tracing initiatives.  He also develops and delivers customized training programs to both the public and private sectors.

On behalf of commercial Clients, Doug performs risk assessments; develops risk-based Clients business models; conducts in-depth financial investigations; and augments control programs tailored to specific Client risks.  Supporting law enforcement agencies around the world, he assists in numerous complex and sensitive criminal investigations, and has testified in court on numerous occasions involving high-profile cases as an expert witness.  For his efforts relating to his contribution on certain investigations, Doug has received the highest award conferred by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).  He has also received commendations from the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”); the US Secret Service; the US National Security, Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force; the US-HSI; the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom; and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of the United Kingdom.  He has counselled officials from various governments as well as senior business leaders in the European Union, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  Doug also holds security clearance from the US Department of Justice.

Until 2018, Doug spent 12 years as a senior officer at Deutsche Bank (“DB”), holding numerous AFC functions including DBUS AFC Head for Transaction Banking; Head of DBUS Sanctions; and Global Head of Special Investigations.  In his capacity leading Global Special Investigations, Doug initiated and led a program that facilitated cooperation between the international law enforcement community and the international banking community in the global fight against all categories of large, complex financial crimes.  From such collaboration, public-private partnerships were developed in numerous jurisdictions in the global fight against financial crimes.  Doug served on numerous domestic and international industry working groups dealing with AFC and sanctions issues including the Wolfsburg Group, the Clearing House, and many international US Treasury/US State Department financial crime and anti-terrorist financing initiatives.

In addition to his work at DB and as a consultant on AFC and sanctions matters, Doug has served in numerous capacities including Chief Operating Officer of a broker-dealer; director of the international audit division of a major bank; and Bank Examiner of the Federal Reserve System.

Doug graduated from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy of Tufts and Harvard Universities with a “double” Masters in International Law and Finance.  His undergraduate studies are in the humanities and accounting.  In addition to English, Doug is fluent in German; has intermediate command of Spanish and Dutch; and basic skills in Hungarian, Italian and Afrikaan.

John Bowman

Director of UK – EU Operations

Mr. Bowman previously served as the United Kingdom’s International Liaison Officer to the Eastern Caribbean, leading the establishment of National Confidential Intelligence Units that significantly enhanced the analytical capabilities of the NCA’s upstream counter narcotic operations. Mr. Bowman was recognized and awarded by the UK and US for his successful leadership in the management of International HUMINT operations, as well as SIGINT Technical intelligence targeting, collection and analysis.

Mr. Bowman worked closely with DEA, FBI, HSI, European law enforcement partners and the intelligence communities to establish an intelligence led strategy that significantly increased the number of firearm seizures and homicides arrests in the region. Mr. Bowman advised on numerous successful murder investigations including the kidnap and murder of a British businessman.

Mr. Bowman also served as the NCA International HUMINT Source Authorizing officer, providing strategic guidance and management of HUMINT Source handlers globally. Mr. Bowman was responsible for the NCA’s HUMINT Source program for intelligence targeting and collection. During his career, Mr. Bowman served as the SOCA/NCA International HUMINT Source Controller with responsibility for tactical guidance and management of Source handlers posted throughout the world. Mr. Bowman’s leadership led the significant success of UK law enforcement and intelligence efforts designed to counter serious organized crime in the western hemisphere. Mr. Bowman managed HUMINT staff deployments into hostile environments in South America with great success. He developed and implemented a HUMINT Source sharing relationship with International partners such as DEA, FBI, HSI, Dutch Law Enforcement, the intelligence community and foreign law enforcement partners.

Significantly, during 2005 – 2010, Mr. Bowman served as an intelligence manager for the National Crime Squad and SOCA, devising and implementing the confidential HUMINT unit concept, which was adopted as a national best practice methodology for the NCA. Mr. Bowman deployed as the intelligence manager on numerous successful Kidnap investigations, managing the deployment of covert intelligence/evidence gathering techniques, resulting in extraordinary levels of success. He received the SOCA Director General commendation for leadership and dedication to duty during a successful investigation into the kidnapping of a UK citizen in Pakistan. Mr. Bowman deployed as a “post incident manager” with primary responsibility for supporting NCA officers involved in fatal and non fatal shooting incidents.

Mr. Bowman previously served as Detective Inspector on the UK Metropolitan Police Murder Command, qualifying as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), while investigating numerous murders within London for which he received numerous commendations for leadership and commitment to duty.

Mr. Bowman has an extraordinary level of experience and success which has qualified him as a renowned Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding HUMINT intelligence operations and global investigations.

Mr. Bowman provides oversight and leadership for all W1 Global services and products to our Clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

david tinsley

Founder and Chairman

Mr. tinsley is the Founder and Chairman of W1-Global. He is a career law enforcement and intelligence professional who worked extensively throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and South America.

Mr. tinsley served as a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Supervisory Special Agent based in Miami, Florida, with a total of 32 years combined Law Enforcement and Intelligence experience, serving around the world.  Mr. tinsley was responsible for the development, strategic leadership, and execution of some of the most landmark Financial Investigations for the US Government. He has conducted covert and overt investigative and intelligence operations on behalf of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and other elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community. During his career, Mr. tinsley served as a lead Liaison Officer representing US Government interests within the United Kingdom, European Union, Israel and South America.

Mr. tinsley has deep operational experience in providing strategic direction for Clients navigating the most complex challenges. He is a recognized thought leader regarding emerging Financial Threats and trends, as well as one of the leading Subject Matter Experts (SME) concerning Financial investigations, Undercover Money Laundering Operations, International Banking investigations, Clandestine payment systems, and Intelligence collection.

He is a pioneer in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) arena, designing one of the first Governmental and Financial Industry Threat Assessment programs regarding China. Mr. tinsley authored the original Post 911 Financial Threat Assessment for the DEA concerning the Blended Threat of emerging Radical Terrorist Groups, Drug Cartels and Black-Market Payment Systems and their impact to the US/UK/EU Banking and Financial communities. He developed unique leadership and management abilities while overseeing Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, Case Officers, Administrative Staff, Contract Employees and Foreign Counterparts throughout the world.

Mr. tinsley has testified before the U.S. Congress and Senate Sub-Committees regarding Financial Threats, International Currencies, Monetary Risk and Intelligence matters. He represented the DEA at the 1997, World Chamber of Commerce for Gold Manufacturers and Distributors in Rome, Italy, regarding Financial Threats, International Money Laundering, and The Black-Market Peso Exchange. He has served as an Instructor to Special Agents, Case Officers and Intelligence Analysts in the United States, as well as Europe, the United Kingdom and South America. Mr. tinsley  developed Financial Intelligence Programs for the DEA, FBI, IRS, ICE, CIA, NCA and the United States Attorney’s School of Advocacy.

While serving with the DEA, Mr. tinsley received the DEA’s highest award – The Administrator’s Award of Honor for Investigations, on seven occasions. Mr. tinsley completed advanced studies at MIT and Oxford University regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Mr. tinsley completed Post Graduate studies at Wharton Business School and is presently a student in the Global Business Program at Oxford University Saïd Business School.

Ric Bachour

Managing Director

Ric Bachour is a Managing Director for W1-Global LLC. Mr. Bachour is a retired Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent who served with distinction for 22 years in various leadership positions. During his career, Mr. Bachour held significant leadership positions to include the DEA Headquarters Sensitive Undercover Operations Unit, the Special Operations Division, and leadership positions within DEA’s Foreign and Domestic Field Offices. Mr. Bachour is a highly skilled operator and investigator who has served globally for DEA leading and coordinating numerous sensitive, high-profile undercover operations worldwide. Mr. Bachour is a renowned Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Covert Operations, HUMINT, Financial investigations and U.S. Attorney General Exempt Operations (AGEO).

Mr. Bachour served as DEA’s Country Attaché based in Paris France and other Diplomatic positions resulting in highly successful impactful investigations in coordination with foreign counterparts and the Diplomatic community. Mr. Bachour routinely led DEA’s diplomatic engagements with Ambassadors and senior level foreign government officials. During his tenure abroad, Mr. Bachour was also responsible for all of DEA’s counter-narcotics, narco-terrorism and drug-money laundering investigations in 10 foreign nations located in Europe and West Africa. Mr. Bachour led several global impact high-profile international investigations which led to the dismantlement of transnational criminal organizations as well as OFAC designations against top-tier drug traffickers and narco-terrorists. While overseas, Mr. Bachour forged strong partnerships and alliances with European and African law enforcement and intelligence counterparts. He spearheaded numerous record setting asset seizures from transnational criminal organizations in the United States, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. More recently, Mr. Bachour served as the DEA Headquarters Section Chief for Investigative Support for Sensitive Programs including the DEA’s Undercover Program and managed operational budgets exceeding $100 million. Mr. Bachour provided logistical and operational leadership and support to 117 State and Local agencies and 31 DEA Field Divisions participating in the DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Program, while overseeing the DEA’s State and Local Task Force Program which involves more than 300 State and Local agencies and more than 4,000 Task Force Officers.

Mr. Bachour previously worked as a Staff Coordinator in the DEA’s Counter Narco-Terrorism Operations Center, coordinating several international investigations resulting in U.S. indictments and extraditions of criminals charged with providing material support to terrorist organizations. Mr. Bachour also served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Miami Field Division where he led a multi-agency task force of Federal Agents and Task Force Officers. He led several highly successful global undercover money laundering investigations, and worked extensively in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and the Levant. Mr. Bachour is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding Lebanon and the Levant region.

Mr. Bachour is a former Massachusetts State Trooper and a former Police Officer for the City of Revere, Massachusetts Police Department, he is fluent in French and Arabic, and studied Spanish. Mr. Bachour has been recognized for his outstanding contributions in drug law enforcement. He is the recipient of dozens of awards to include the US Attorney Generals Excellence Award, two DEA Administrator’s Awards, the Miami-Dade Police Chief’s Federal Agent of the Year Award, the Association of Federal narcotics Agents’ Agent of the Year Award and numerous DEA Performance Awards.

Significantly, Mr. Bachour received the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Intelligence Meritorious Citation from the Director of National Intelligence for meritorious service. Mr. Bachour was also recognized by the French National Police and received the French (Médaille de la sécurité de intérieure) medal for leading global investigations using highly innovative techniques resulting in unprecedented multi-ton cocaine seizures and dismantlement of entire drug trafficking organizations while serving in Paris, France.

Mr. Bachour holds a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement from Western New England University. He is also a United States Marine Corps veteran with multiple combat deployments, and received numerous military recognitions and awards including the Purple Heart Medal and Navy Commendations while serving in the Middle East.

Mr. Bachour will continue his outstanding work ethic and serve W1-Global Clients globally at the highest levels.

John Penza

Law Enforcement and National Security Executive

John Penza is a 27-year law enforcement and national security executive who is a proven problem solver and trusted leader. John advises our domestic and international clients on complex matters, achieving creative and successful outcomes. His previous background operating in highly stressful and fluid environments benefits our clients and leads to strategic thinking and effective resolutions. John’s involvement working on multi-jurisdictional and cross-border teams has provided the requisite experience to identify the best strategic partners to engage with and work toward winning solutions for our clients.

John retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in April 2022 after a 21 year career. While with the FBI, John served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Violent Crime Threat Branch of the New York Office. In this role, John was responsible for more than 200 law enforcement professionals from over 40 federal, state, and local agencies, and an annual operating budget of over $5 million. John led and developed high risk and complex investigations and source operations targeting violent crime activity, sophisticated gangs, crimes against children and transnational organized crime groups. Of significance, John oversaw the investigation leading to the location, arrest, and ultimate prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell. Additionally, John developed and implemented an initiative with the New York City Police Department to strategically identify and target violent offenders responsible for rising gun violence, resulting in federal prosecution of more than 120 violent offenders during an 18-month period.

Prior to his promotion to Assistant Special Agent in Charge, John was the Chief of Staff to the Assistant Director of the Criminal Division of the FBI in Washington DC. In this capacity, John provided daily counsel, talking points and presentations for Criminal Division Executives regarding approximately 55,000 on-going FBI investigations, more than 700 employees and a budget in excess of $250 million. Additionally, John managed and developed a staff supporting the daily and long term mission of FBI leadership and workforce through strategy and policy management, executive daily briefings, branding and communications, special projects, and other mission specific support requirements.

John also served as an FBI New York supervisor and investigator for both Eurasian and Italian Organized Crime in the United States and Italy. While a supervisor, John led complex investigations, resulting in the arrest of more than 150 individuals, indictments of $450 million in fraud, tracing of approximately $300 million of illegal proceeds and asset forfeitures totaling more than $100 million. John consistently coordinated with foreign law enforcement partners targeting transnational criminal groups engaged in sophisticated financial crimes such as securities fraud, insider trading, health care fraud and money laundering. John initiated and directed an international criminal investigation into the highest levels of Eurasian Organized Crime, operating sophisticated money-laundering schemes with significant reach into US financial institutions. By utilizing sophisticated techniques, John was able to obtain more than 40 RICO indictments and forfeitures in excess of $65 million. Of significance, John developed, managed, and advanced the high profile criminal investigation of FIFA executives, resulting in 40 indictments, over $250 million in forfeitures and institutional changes within FIFA.

John investigated the criminal activities of the Genovese Organized Crime Family. He led numerous investigations exposing decades of institutional corruption at Port Newark/Elizabeth, one of the largest seaports in the United States. These investigations resulted in more than 20 RICO indictments of organized crime members, union executives, and corrupt union members. He also investigated the New York City Department of Education, exposing decades of corruption between organized crime, union executives and corrupt New York City Department of Education officials, resulting in numerous RICO indictments.

John was assigned to the FBI’s Legal Attaché Office in Rome, Italy where he was embedded with the Policia di Stato. During his tenure, he conducted transnational organized crime investigations with nexus to the United States and Italy and provided strategic briefings to both Italian and FBI Executives regarding ongoing transnational investigations.

John has received numerous awards, including the US Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service, the Federal Executive Board Award for Outstanding Investigation and multiple FBI Commendations for Outstanding Leadership and Investigations. John is the first FBI agent to be certified as a Eurasian Organized Crime Expert in the Southern District of New York. John has served as a speaker and panelist at the George C. Marshall Center, John Cabot University, and has presented to numerous international law enforcement agencies.

John holds a Bachelors Degree in Administration of Justice from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall University.