Corporate Investigations/Risk Management

Let us help you determine what happened and develop a strategy to resolve the matter

W1 Global offers an exceptional alternative to the largescale investigative, compliance, risk management and accounting firms. Often times the larger firms are cost prohibitive and can’t offer the level of personal service to the Client in a way W1 Global can.

We are a smaller firm with extremely competent staff who have a long and successful history of dealing with the most complex criminal, civil and compliance issues faced by multinational entities. Our Clients have direct access to senior leadership which comes with an assurance their needs will be met. We intentionally keep our Client base small in order to provide maximum advocacy. At W1 Global we believe the best way to deal with issues that pose a legal and/or reputational risk to our Clients is through gaining a comprehensive understanding of the facts and structuring a response based on ownership of those facts coupled with a good faith effort to mitigate the behavior going forward. We work closely with both in-house and external counsel to structure a response which provides the most prudent course of action facing our Clients.

At W1 Global, our staff is capable of dealing with the myriad of issues commonly seen in corporate investigations. We have the ability to operate in most jurisdictions including many of the countries which generally pose greater challenges to conducting investigations. Our staff has the ability to organize and digest large sets of data. We have highly skilled interviewers who can gather information and document it in a clear and functional manner. We are able to rely on the latest technology combined with a robust network of human intelligence sources to gather information concerning individuals, companies, corporate structures and industries. W1 Global is equipped to provide the complete investigative and risk management package to our corporate Clients.