Due Diligence Solutions

Whatever your due diligence or investigative needs, W1 Global provides Clients with a complete set of solutions.
Utilizing decades of investigative expertise, technical tools and resources, human intelligence (HUMINT), and expert analysis, our capabilities are sought by governments and private entities around the world. We recognize that one size does not fit all, so our due diligence engagements are customized and tailored according to your specific needs.

Typical due diligence engagements include:

  • General and Enhanced Due Diligence Reviews of our Clients’ customers in order to meet their regulatory requirements or otherwise protect firms from a variety of legal, business, operational and reputational risks. W1 Global capabilities are available domestically and internationally.
  • AML, Anti-Bribery, and Sanctions Program assessments of Financial Institutions, Law Firms and other covered entities
  • Legal matters pertaining to criminal and/or civil actions
  • Mergers and acquisition entity assessments
  • Country and industry reviews
  • Support for law firms in advancing their Client needs

Comprehensive Levels of Due Diligence Assessment:

We understand that Client’s requirements for due diligence reviews not only take different forms, but also different levels of depth and coverage.  Our solutions are tailored to suit your needs and price points.

Level I Due Diligence –  For standard or enhanced due diligence, W1 Global maintains one of the most sophisticated technology platforms in the world.  It incorporates the standard set of search engines and data sources utilized by private corporations (e.g. financial institutions) and regulators, and is expanded to include many unknown or underutilized sources that are rich in data.  As a result, W1 Global maintains one of the most comprehensive databases regarding persons, entities, governments, places and events.  Using these sources, W1 Global relies upon complex algorithms to target and identify comprehensive and critical information without the noise or non-useful basic information provided by most search engines or third-party providers.  These results can also be linked to related persons or entities to provide a comprehensive view of the risks and their direct or indirect exposures to you or other persons and entities.  The results of the information are carefully reviewed and compiled by our analysts yielding valauable insights and findings.

Level II Due Diligence –  For some Clients, the needs or assessed risks and regulatory requirements require the review and analysis of independent experts.  Level II due diligence undertakings involve the use of our technological capabilities combined with our analytical expertise.  Our analysts are comprised of hybrid capabilities of banking/financial professional and regulators and of former US and UK senior law enforcement officers specialized in complex criminal investigations.  All W1 Global professionals continue to maintain government security clearance.  As part of our Level II engagements, W1 Global also utilizes its network of confidential sources; one of the largest networks spanning the globe.  Upon collection of data and information, W1 Global undertakes a comprehensive analysis, and generates an assessment report tailored and customized to the specific needs of the Client.  Our findings and reports are specifically written for a single pragmatic purpose – – informing the reader in a clear manner of the findings, facts, assessments and identified risks.  They are designed to be used as tools to allow you to take decisions and effectively communicate.

Level III Due Diligence –   In some circumstances, greater in-depth investigatory tools, techniques and processes are required to serve Client’s unique needs.  Level III engagements include the elements of Levels I and II as well as more comprehensive onsite investigatory undertakings.  These undertakings may include surveillance and other information gathering techniques permitted by law.  As our team is comprised of former senior, decorated law enforcement officers, we are well-trained and equipped to conduct the sensitive investigatory and information collection needs of Clients remotely and/or on-site according to Client requirements.